Gloria has partnered with the IFOPA and the Resilient Living Program to provide practical exercises to increase immunity through an integrative medicine approach known as Energy Medicine. The exercises below draw not only from Gloria’s Eden Method training, but also from her acupressure training. Gloria has worked with several people with FOP. She was also a presenter on the pain management panel at the 2019 FOP Family Gathering where she demonstrated the four thumps and clearing the gaits, as well as other helpful exercises for family members and those with FOP. To see Gloria’s presentation at the 2019 FOP Family Gathering and the testimonials of FOP community members who she has worked with visit the 52-minute mark of this recording of the presentation.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine utilizes techniques from time-honored traditions such as acupuncture, yoga, kinesiology, and qi gong. Flow, balance, and harmony can be  non-invasively restored and maintained within an energy system by tapping, massaging, pinching, twisting, or connecting specific energy points (acupoints) on the skin; by tracing or swirling the hand over the skin along specific energy pathways; through exercises or postures designed for specific energetic effects; by focused use of the mind to move specific energies; and/or by surrounding an area with healing energies.

Using these Immune Boosting Techniques:

These exercises are for your whole family, not just the individual with FOP. Much like the rest of the Resilient Living program they are helpful to practice during times of stress (and pandemic) but can also be practiced year round. Each video is about four minutes long. Please read the full description for each video before watching the video. 

**Always follow your doctor’s advice. Energy Medicine exercises are complementary and do not replace professional medical care. Please note that while the IFOPA has arranged for Gloria McCahill to present these resources as a courtesy to its membership, the IFOPA is not affiliated with Empowered by Energy, and does not endorse this or any particular treatment for its members.  The IFOPA encourages its members to consult with their individual physicians prior to beginning any course of treatment.

Video 1 of 3 in our Immune Boosting Series

This video was created to teach individuals how to balance the Lung Meridian. The Lung Meridian governs breath and energy and works with the throat, chest and lungs. 

In this video Gloria:

  • Demonstrates the pathway of the Lung Meridian and how to balance it
  • Shows the lung source point
  • Demonstrates a breath for the emotions associated with the Lung Meridian
  • Discusses and shows an additional immune boosting source point
  • Demonstrates finger rings

A meridian is an energy pathway. An artery carries blood and a meridian carries energy to the organ it governs. To learn more about meridians, please refer to the 2019 Family Gathering video on pain management. Meridians are arranged in pairs. The two meridians of each pair are connected at the extremities by the entry and exit points. Large Intestine and Lung Meridians are a pair, they are both eliminative organs. Large intestine eliminates digestive waste and the lungs release carbon dioxide. The acupressure massage finger rings demonstrated in this video can be purchased on Amazon.

Video 2 of 3 in our Immune Boosting Series

This video was created to teach individuals about Neurolymphatic Reflex points. 

In this video Gloria demonstrates how to clear the lung, spleen, large intestine, small intestine using the K27s and Central Neurolymphatic Reflex points which are associated with the lymph system. These points help to flush out toxins from the body. Lymph is pumped naturally through daily movement, but when you are unable to have that movement it is harder to rid the body of toxins. Working with these points is a quick way to get meridian energies moving and to boost the healing process. Gloria will also be showing the thymus thump. A daily exercise of working the Neurolymphatic points can improve one’s health over time.

These points can be very tender. If it is very uncomfortable, tap it first a few times and then rub deeply to your comfort level for about 10 seconds, pressing gradually and circling slowly. Start with a few at a time, and then work up to the rest of the points.

There are many other Neurolymphatic points but for now we will just work with the ones in the video. When you have worked up to doing the points on a regular basis they will be less tender. If there is a wound/FOP flare-up in the area do not do the points in that specific location

Video 3 of 3 in our Immune Boosting Series

This video was created to teach individuals about coping with fear and stress using the Triple Warmer Meridian. 

In this video Gloria shares some stress-reducing exercises. She demonstrates the pathway of the Triple Warmer Meridian which governs the fight, flight, freeze response, the adrenals and the immune system. She also demonstrates smoothing behind the ears, the fear point tap, a breath to use for fear, and another immune boosting point as well as the Spleen 3 source point. The Spleen Meridian also governs the immune system and is extremely important to keep strong.

Written by International FOP Association