Sessions are by appointment only and may be scheduled for 30 minutes 60 minutes or 90 minutes. All first-time appointments are 90 minutes. Most energy medicine sessions are 90 minutes and Reiki sessions are 60 minutes, there are specific sessions that can be scheduled for 30 minutes such as a Brazilian Toe Technique, Quickie Energy Session. There are many different techniques used depending on the needs of the client, a few of which are described below.

Private Sessions:

  • The Quickie Energy Balancer stands alone, or as a prelude to any other energy work. Clears clogged energy and balances basic energy systems in the body. Very relaxing and energizing. It is great for relieving stress. 30 minutes
  • The Black Pearl Sanctuary includes holding a series of points on the head that can help you to deeply relax and invoke natural healing processes. A favorite among clients. 60 minutes
  • Chakra Clearing begins with a quickie energy balancer, then each chakra is tested and balanced. 60 minutes
  • Brazilian Toe Technique is a powerful protocol it can be highly soothing for people suffering with aches and pains. It helps with stress reduction, grounding, insomnia, and calming the nervous system. 30 minutes
  • Deep Electrics Session: Begins with a quickie energy balancer then points are held to access your electrics energy system. Electrics session is deeply relaxing. Electrics session are good if you have had recent surgery, been in an accident, or feel disconnected, or have a nervous disorder, or just want to relax. 90 minutes
  • Energy Assessment involves testing your energy systems followed by a quickie energy balancer and whatever protocol is needed. 90 minutes

  • Reiki is a gentle hands on session that can help alleviate stress in the body. It is deeply relaxing. 60 minutes

  • Virtual appointments and skype mentoring sessions. 30-60 minutes

Pricing – Virtual Appointments:

Pricing – In-person:

    All energy sessions are done with the client fully clothed with the exception of shoes.

    Policy for missed and cancelled appointments. Missed or cancelled appointments (with the exclusion of medical emergency) without 24 hour notice will be charged in full for the scheduled appointment.

    Inquire for pricing. Package pricing and group rates are available.